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Who are we?

Skills Factory is a training and development company which was formed in 1996 as a closed corporation. Skills Factory serves the training and development needs of business and individuals to enable them to gain organisational and personal growth. As an accredited training company we serve both government and private sectors within Africa.
The company has gained the reputation for maintaining a high standard of delivery and is known throughout Southern Africa as one of the top service providers.

Our clients appreciate the value that our services add to their operations and view our services as cost-effective and as a long-term investment.

Skills Factory has an innovative approach to clients’ needs and remains attuned to the evolving needs of the market place. Prospective clients can thus expect tailor-made and fine-tuned services to the developmental needs they have. Skills Factory will ensure relevancy and consistency with the expectations of the industry.

WHAT is our vision?

Consolidating our position as market leader in Southern Africa and exploring international avenues in people and organizational development.

WHAT is our mission?

To offer our clients the opportunity, backed by our excellent customer relations, to use our highly valued and innovative training solutions to facilitate your personal and organisation growth and development.

WHAT are our values?

- Treating our clients with integrity
- Providing training of the highest quality
- Commitment to sustained relationships with our customers who always take priority
- Doing the right thing right, right away

What products do we offer?

Skills Factory offers accredited training on:

- Personal Development
- Organisational Development
- Employee Wellness Programmes
- Short Courses

Contact Skills Factory Telephone Number +2741-3601573 | Fax Number +2741-3605458