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This profile has been used very successfully in improving communication in many different areas. Some of the areas include management communication, team communication, team building, project team creation, sales, marketing and many other areas. Used correctly you will improve your communication dramatically.
The profile questionnaire consists of some generic information about yourself as well as 12 questions to determine your preferred way of communication. There is no right or wrong as we all differ, so please enjoy it and utilize the results. Once complete your results will be emailed to you.





Skills Factory presents the following short courses that is not aligned to a specific unit standard, they include:

Absenteeism Management

This three-day workshop focuses on identification of the different types of absenteeism, the impact of absenteeism within organisations, provides a better understanding of the various causes of absenteeism and assists learners to develop strategies and tools to manage absenteeism more effectively

Integrated Employee Wellness Workshop

Whether you are the Human Resources Manager who is concerned about absenteeism, the CEO of a company who is looking to retain employees or a newly assigned Wellness Coordinator this two-day workshop will assist you to conduct a situation analysis and walk you through key steps to establish an employee wellness programme

Disability in the Workplace

Through this one-day workshop you will gain insight and understanding of disability in the workplace, cover employment legislation and disability, gain skills to effectively manage employees with disabilities and gain the knowledge of reasonable accommodation.

Empowerment towards Leadership

This five-day workshop is designed to create an understanding of the concepts of empowerment and leadership development, equip learners with a basic understanding of the concepts of leadership, organisational dynamics and processes, introduce basic leadership skills such as planning, problem identification and solving, decision making, communication and conflict resolution and give an overview of the personal attitudes and skills required to operate effectively within an organisation, including greater self-understanding to build personal confidence and to deal with rejection and failure.
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