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Welcome to the Skills Factory / 2interact communications profile.
This profile has been used very successfully in improving communication in many different areas. Some of the areas include management communication, team communication, team building, project team creation, sales, marketing and many other areas. Used correctly you will improve your communication dramatically.
The profile questionnaire consists of some generic information about yourself as well as 12 questions to determine your preferred way of communication. There is no right or wrong as we all differ, so please enjoy it and utilize the results. Once complete your results will be emailed to you.



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Skills Factory designs and delivers high quality, results-based organisational and personal development programmes. Our facilitators advise on organisational change, team building and diversity management.

Our Workplace Education programmes aim at improving existing skills at all levels within organisations towards efficiency.

Skills Factory can help you to turn skills into profit!

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- Benchmark against the best
- Have rapid response times
- Strive for continuous improvement
- Are passionate about our work
- Are a low cost service provider, but without comprising on quality
- Are flexible
- Meeting customer needs
- Are committed to improving the effectiveness of organisations and individuals

Our customers are always placed FIRST !

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