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Welcome to the Skills Factory / 2interact communications profile.
This profile has been used very successfully in improving communication in many different areas. Some of the areas include management communication, team communication, team building, project team creation, sales, marketing and many other areas. Used correctly you will improve your communication dramatically.
The profile questionnaire consists of some generic information about yourself as well as 12 questions to determine your preferred way of communication. There is no right or wrong as we all differ, so please enjoy it and utilize the results. Once complete your results will be emailed to you.





At Skills factory we are constantly striving to improve our service and forge closer relationships with all our customers. Our service commitment applies to everything we do, whether it is our training programmes, or other services, provided by our own people or through licensees and contractors


Our promise is to provide consistently professional and high-quality service. This means that our staff is committed to:

- being honest, ethical and professional at all times
- using plain language
- being helpful and courteous
- listening to you with respect
- responding to concerns and enquiries quickly
- responding immediately to customer enquiries
- being cost effective
- being transparent and accountable
- apologise if we make a mistake


We aim to:

respond to telephone and email enquiries within one working day where telephone enquiries are more complex, either make an appointment for you to meet with a staff member or arrange to call you when the information is available
acknowledge, and where possible answer, mailed enquiries within five working days
attend to you as soon as practicable if you do not have a pre-arranged appointment and, where possible, provide you with information while you wait
see you punctually at the scheduled time if you have a pre-booked appointment, whether it is in or out of the office. If there is to be a delay in seeing you, we will keep you informed
respond to all high priority incidents immediately and provide you with feedback on theoutcome of any incident investigation


Skills Factory wants to hear from you!

Skills Factory is dedicated to developing and maintaining high levels of customer service, honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. We want to hear from you if we have not accomplished this goal. In the event a complaint a compliment (please use below form), contact our Complaints and Compliments Department (+27 41-360 1573) or notify us in writing at:

Skills Factory ATTN: Complaints and Compliments Department PO Box 10945 Linton Grange Port Elizabeth 6015 South Africa

       or email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

       Complaints should include:

       - A description of the complaint, compliment or suggestion
       - The name and address of the person making the complaint, compliment or suggestion
       - Skills Factory will respond to the complaint, compliment or suggestion within five (5) business days.

Contact Skills Factory Telephone Number +2741-3601573 | Fax Number +2741-3605458